Thursday, August 4, 2011

Travel with peace of mind.

I think it is a known fact that the insurance and takaful penetration among Malays is still very-very low. Insurance is generally a taboo among Malays, perhaps people will distance themselves as far as possible from the insurance agents, for fear that they will be persuaded to buy insurance.

I think if we ask 10 Malays, 7-8 perhaps will say they have no life insurance protection. Many do not even have medical coverage. And I am not surprise if somebody present me with a fact showing the tendency for Malays to face difficulty with regards to medical bills.

In Malaysia, generally insurance agents will hunt for clients, unlike in developed countries like Japan where the awareness is high and people will generally have insurance protection.

OK.. OK... this has gone way too far. I mean, my nagging about life insurance has gone too far. I actually just wanted to write about travel insurance, just a simple travel insurance. This is a must if I want to go to travel, because we never know what will happen along the way, especially if we want to go to foreign country. Either I take it direct from the airline, or I''ll buy it at any insurance or takaful company. I have an annual policy with HSBC, which covers life, personal accident, medical expenses, baggage, personal belongings, flight delay, personal liabilities etc etc. That will give me peace of mind while traveling, I don't have to think of the 'if's basically.

Basically, if we can't afford travel insurance, we actually can't afford to travel. But all travel insurance is cheap anyway, so better don't try to save that little bit of money and take the risk to face difficulties in the future.

*Motif tayang HSBC travel policy? Harus HSBC Takaful kena bagi marketing allowance ni :)

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