Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iftar @ Decanter

It was a last minute decision to have our iftar (me and my office mates) together today. Since 90% of them are chinese (me and only me is a Muslim) then we perhaps should call it 'dinner' instead. Since it was a last minute decision, so most places are fully booked during iftar time. We finally decided to go for Decanter which is very near to my office, was told there's buffet for RM55/pax.

Reached Decanter at about 7:15pm, but it wasn't full yet. They've just opened the buffet section. I've never tried buffet in Decanter, it has always been the a-la carte version. So I didn't know what to expect for their ramadhan buffet.

Turn out I think their specialization is probably their BBQ section. We have to choose the fresh seafood, put it in plate with cloth peg stating our table number on its side and let the crew do the grilling before sending it to our table. The selection of fresh seafood was not wide enough, they just have some squids, prawns, mussels, stingray, baby pomfret, and perhaps the highlight of it all - baby scallops. Nothing to be bragged about, quite plain I would say.

Other than the BBQ, the spread is pretty dull I would say. If you want to eat rice, there's rice, but accompanied by limited number of dishes. The cold selection is really 'cold' and not tempting. There's some pasta as well but again, pretty dull. I ended up going round and round finding what to eat but found nothing to match my appetite, I ended up settling for BBQ as the main.

So basically, if you are looking for a well wide buffet spread, this is not the place. It is OK, but it is not great, and certainly not value for money. We perhaps will find better spread in some hotels at that price, or just add another RM10 perhaps to get a much wider with better quality buffet spread. I certainly will think twice before booking their buffet again next time.

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