Monday, March 26, 2012

Room Service Deliveries

There are many ways people turn something to become a business opportunity. Buka kedai makan tu memang biasa, tapi ada juga yg menjadikan service tukang tapau makanan as a business opportunity. At my office dulu memang one thing a must is order for delivery, sebab bila dah balik tengah malam harus lah kena dinner kat ofis kan, harus kena order sebab tak ada siapa nak keluar tengah-tengah busy ni. Tapi kalau nak order for delivery ni, bosan kalau asyik-asyik pizza, McDonald etc. Boleh naik muntah kalau hari-hari makan fast food for dinner.

So apart from having the fast food delivery as an option, selalu lah kami guna Room Service ni kalau terasa taknak makan fast food. Click kat the link tu, it is directed to its website. Konsep Room Service ni, is they have a number of participating restaurants we can order from, all we need to do is to order it from either Room Service's website, or can call Room Service directly using the number displayed in their website and they will deliver it to us. Diorang ni bukan hanya operate di Malaysia, but also kat Singapore and Indonesia.

I normally just order through their website, senang sebab dah register.. so just click here and there to order from the menu, wait for their call within 5 minutes to confirm the order, and just wait for them to send me the order 1 hour later. Senangkan?

Hari ni saya tak pergi kerja.. walaupun tak pergi kerja, angin malas tetap melanda. Jadi hari ni decide nak order guna Room Service je, senang cerita. Ada banyak restaurant we can choose from, nak nyonya ada (e.g Penang Village), nak western ada (e.g Chilli's, Kenny Rogers, TGI Friday), nak melayu ada (e.g Kelantan Delights), nak arabic ada (e.g Tarbush).. pendek kata, tepuk dada tanya selera. 

Hari ni saya order from Kelantan Delights. Tak pernah makan kat sini, though selalu nampak the restaurant located at Wisma Consplant. Terasa nak makan kelantanese food hari ni, so order Nasi Gulai Kawah dan Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik.

Oh.. tapi semua service ada chargenya kan? The charge for Room Service's delivery range from RM12-RM20 per delivery, depending on location. Mahal ke? Kalo masa rajin dia jadi mahal, tapi kalo masa malas, reasonable lah charge tu :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Plan B : Will it be Melbourne or Still New Zealand?

Since Air Asia announced the suspension of Christchurch route on Monday, I haven't made any decision with regards to the tickets I currently hold. I hold 5 tickets in September, supposedly to bring my parents for vacation as a present.

I certainly can't bring forward the date from September to an earlier one, because my sister-in-law, who is supposed to also join the trip, is currently pregnant. September would be perfect since the baby would have been delivered by then. 

Opting for a refund doesn't seem cost effective either.  I bought the tickets at quite a very cheap price, at about RM700 per pax return. So if I can move it to another long haul destination, it would be better. But to move the destination will need quite a careful consideration. Am bringing my parents, so location is important to ensure they are not sick and tired. New Zealand was earlier considered because I visited that country before and I know it is kind of comfortable for old people, and campervan is available to give them comfort along the journey. 

Am now considering 2 options, either to:

The capital city of Victoria in Australia. 

 (picture credit to foundation of CARI Forum)

I haven't visited Melbourne yet. I haven't done any research yet as to whether Melbourne will be suitable to bring my parents for vacation, guess I have to start doing the research now. 

To stick to the earlier plan, New Zealand. I might re-route the ticket to Melbourne, and then find other flight from Melbourne to Christchurch / Auckland. There are plenty of airlines operating Melbourne - New Zealand. 

I still can't take my mind off New Zealand for the vacation this time thinking of how comfortable it will be to move my parents around and am sure they would love New Zealand the way I do - the quietness, the peacefulness and all. And plus, I have already booked a campervan and cancelling it would be a messy business.

So what will my decision be? Am not quite sure yet. But I think I will just re-route the ticket to Melbourne, and think of whether I will take the connecting flight to New Zealand later on.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Airplane and Ears

I thought of writing this after we landed in LCCT back from Langkawi the other day, but never had time to really write it until today. Something happened during the journey that made me thought of writing this. There was a baby with his parents sitting near us, and the baby looks like a happy little baby throughout the journey. But he cried loudly both during ascend and descend, which makes me think, was it because of his uncomfortable ears - painful perhaps?

I think everybody who ever board a plane would know what would normally happen to our ears when an airplane ascend or descend. This does not only happen when we board a plane, but also to those involve in diving. The rapid changes in the air pressure during that process, causes extraneous discomfort in our ears because our eustachian tube does not react as quick. I can imagine how this will impact the tiny ears of a baby or a toddler. So it is important for parents to come prepared when traveling with their kids in an airplane. Don't take this lightly because it is normal for children to develop ear infection post airplane ride.

I don't know how you guys treat your airplane ear problem during ascend or descend, but I do normally have chewing gum or sweets or drinks or whatever in my bag ready for take off and landing. This helps to manage the air pressure and reduce the pain. The act of swallowing is what helps it. So for babies, perhaps parents should be prepared with a bottle of milk or to just breastfeed the baby during take off or landing. That perhaps is the easiest solution, of course there's ear plug that can help managing this as well which can be bought if you want to (though am not sure whether it is suitable for babies).

Take it seriously guys.. pity your poor little baby.  If it is painful to our tough big ears, think of what it will do to that little fragile ears of your baby. And plus, it helps other passengers too, an environment free from the sound of baby crying is certainly a better environment.. hehe.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Air Asia X Suspended KL-Christchurch Route!!

OK.. Bad news.. got an email today from Air Asia notifying the suspension of Air Asia X service Kuala Lumpur - Christchurch effective 1st June 2012.

I have a trip with AAX to Christchurch on 10th September 2012. Repeating my trip last year, this time I thought am going to bring my parents to visit solely South Island. I've already booked Kea Campervan and have partially paid for it. And am seriously numb now to think which flight I should book for that trip.

Options available :
  • Get a refund from AAX
  • Travel to / from Christchurch before the suspension date i.e before 1st June 2012
  • Travel to any destination in Australia / any AAX destination
Now I am numb and do not know what to do!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Langkawi : Duty Free and My Whittakers!!

I guess for some people, Langkawi is the right place to shop for certain items. I didn't have that intention during my recent trip, simply because both me and Mr D are lazy creatures.. we hate to carry things. When I booked the flight with Air Asia, I didn't even buy any checked baggage. We just rely on the 7kg hand luggage allocation. So, even when we stayed at Bayview Hotel which is very convenient for shopping given its location, we didn't do much shopping, except - chocolates!!!

Even then, we didn't buy many chocolates, except, our favorite Whittakers. Both of us are crazy about Whittakers. When we were in New Zealand, that's what we consumed day in and day out. Especially its dark chocolate. Whittakers is originated from New Zealand, but we can sometimes find it in KL, but it is damn expensive in KL. I remember buying the peanut slab (not the normal gold whittakers) which of course in small package, at the price of RM16 per pack of 3. In New Zealand it costs around NZD3. And guess what is the price in Langkawi? RM6.50!! I ended up buying 16packs altogether - in all variety : dark chocolate peanut slab, the normal chocolate peanut slab and peanut and raisins. The gold Whittakers bar is sold at about RM10 per bar. Isn't that cheap? It costs around NZD3.50 in some parts of New Zealand, and can be as high as NZD5 per bar.

I compared prices in a number of duty free shops around Kuah, and noted the price is not that different between one another. Mr D is of course happy with his Ghana Mint, also a variety of Whittakers, which I also like because the slight bitterness from the dark chocolate is combined with the refreshing minty taste.

I visited the duty free shops around Bayview Langkawi, which are within walking distance. Zeno and Haji Ismail Group are located opposite each other. There's not much difference when it come to prices.

I also visited Idaman Suri, which needs about 5 minutes drive from Bayview Hotel. In terms of arrangement, I think Idaman Suri probably is better. And for those who love Corelle and stuffs, they might like it. But price wise, Haji Ismail Group probably beats it.

*hampa nak beli pinggan mangkuk ka? Mai lahh Langkawi

Monday, March 5, 2012

Langkawi : Bayview Hotel

During our recent visit, Mr D booked us a Superior room at Bayview Hotel. It was a last minute booking as well, but glad that they still have rooms available. Bayview is a city hotel, very near to the jetty point, but very far from the airport. As we took flight the other day, we had to drive about half an hour from the airport to the hotel.

Bayview Langkawi is located in the heart of Pekan Kuah, very near to the duty free shopping centres and Kuah's night market spot. So basically, if shopping is important to you, then this is a perfect hotel. Shopping was not important to us, our choice was based on 'what's still available' hahaha.

Mr D initially booked a Superior room overlooking the mountain, at the rate of RM230 per night. I don't know which part is overlooking the mountain, but see was all I can see from the bedroom window. Next to Bayview is Plaza Langkawi , and there are many stalls nearby selling all sorts of things. Since it is in the middle of the city, we can find all sorts of amenities around, including banks, places to eat, sundry shops etc.

Bayview is an old hotel, but the condition was OK basically. We were surprised with the size of the room. Very spacious, with 2 single beds. Never mind about the single beds, we were here not on honeymoon hahaha. Bathroom is also super spacious, with both bath tub and shower. The only thing I am not comfortable with is the smell. The room smells a bit like it is confined, but it is still acceptable. The air condition is centralised, so the room is always cool.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. We do normally prefer breakfast in the hotel so we don't have to find where to eat for brekkie and lunch. We just have brunch. The breakfast buffet spread was OK, not bad but not too great either. The normal Malaysian, western breakfast combined. I like the way they covered the egg station, such that we don't smell the frying activities and cover ourselves with the smell as well.

Swimming pool is located at 4th floor. Very spacious.

So what's my rating on the hotel? I rate it at 7/10. For its price, it is OK enough.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Langkawi : Of Minor Attractions

On our final day in Langkawi, we just wanted to take a slow drive around the island, while waiting for our flight which was scheduled at 8:50pm that night. Langkawi is not big, so the attractions are located not too far from one another. Plus, it is so easy to get from one place to another, you don't even need a GPS.

We started our slow drive from Telaga Tujuh, located at Gunung Mat Chincang near the cable car, which is actually a waterfall. One will need to do a little climbing about 10-15 minutes to reach the place from the base.

The next destination was Wildlife and Bird Park, where it houses a number of wild life and bird species like the Bird Park we have here in Kuala Lumpur. We can buy food at the entrance to feed the animals at the price of RM6 per set, which consists of food to be given to the parrots, various birds, fish and rabbit. The entrance fee is RM12 per pax for adult and RM8 per pax for children. I think children will enjoy this park very much.

I kind of like the information displayed at every cage in the park. I like the way the information is presented, it is kind of brief, and funny. That's the kind of thing I think will be glued in my head for long - short and funny information. Am sure kids will love the information too.

We then head to Durian Perangin, another waterfall in Langkawi located at Gunung Raya. There are 14 tiers of the waterfall, but I understand it is seasonal. During the rainy season, the water flow will be heavier. This waterfall is quite 'mini' in my opinion, maybe because we visited this place in February. The fact that we have to climb up quite far to the 'peak', it is not worth it.

And perhaps because it is so 'mini', it looks so run down. The bridges are old and looks like it can collapse any time. Perhaps something could be done to preserve the facilities. Notwithstanding the fact that it is so mini, it can be an attraction to the jungle trackers especially those who love the flora and fauna around the waterfall.

Mr D said he wanted to visit the glass blowing place, which is located within the compound of the Langkawi Craft Complex. The complex itself is full of craft items and exhibition like batik painting, mengkuang etc. But this place is kind of quiet, Malaysians probably do not find this interesting, but for tourists, this is something worth looking at.

The only problem with the exhibition is, there's no explanation given to the visitors. It is just showing how things done. Perhaps it is better to give visitors information of how things are done. Then it will be more interesting.

We then went to the back to where the glass blowing activity was done at Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing. This gallery cum workshop is opened for public daily except on Friday. Here we will be able to see how crystal items are done, in the workshop behind the gallery. They are working in a room full of heat, and looking at the way they blow the crystal, no wonder the price is so expensive. We can also buy crystal items at the gallery.

Done with our visit at the craft centre, we head down to the Telaga Ayer Hangat. It is now not only housing the hot spring, but also a spa. Nothing much to be done there, but if you want to soak your feet in the warm water, you can do so. Just that I found the place quite smelly from the mould and all, perhaps something need to be done?