Friday, August 5, 2011

NZD going cuckoo! - Part 2

Finally, I managed to drag myself to the money changer and changed some more New Zealand dollars for my next trip. As mentioned in my earlier post, the exchange rate has gone up significantly since the last time I changed it in February, thus, I 'managed' to lose quite a bit *sigh*. All because at that time I was thinking "yeah.. yeah.. it will go up, but how high can it be?" yadda.. yadda.. yadda.. Nah! Ambik kau.. 30sen terus dia naik! Now I am thinking whether I should change some more, because initially I planned to just swipe my credit card for accommodation and rental of car, since I don't want to bring that much cash [the risk and stuffs]. But what if the exchange rate goes up a lot more then, I'll definitely lose something since the rate they will charge will be the current rate while I swipe my credit card. Imagine if I spend NZD3,000 on accommodation and car rental, even if the exchange rate goes up by just another RM0.10, I would easily lose another RM300. Should I just bring cash then?

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