Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jiwa Merdeka!

Poyo okey title post.. hahaha. What's the relation between my darling pinky and jiwa merdeka? Okey.. okey.. this is not because of 'Bulan Kemerdekaan', I just thought of typing this entry after a conversation with somebody I haven't met for ages.

Let us refer to this person as Ms A for simplicity.

Ms A : Ni yang kaler merah jambu ni keter ko ke ni?
Mrs D : Ha'ah... my car. Kenapa?
Ms A : Ooi.. gaji belas-belas ribu pakai MyVi je? Budak baru graduate pun mampu pakai keter ni, tukar lah wei. Pakai keter yang sesuai sikit.
Mrs D : *Gulp!* Awat, keter ni takleh jalan ka?

I don't know whether to laugh or feel insulted by the remark, laugh probably is hahaha. That's part of the thing that makes me think. How people see things and how people perceive things. I was like thinking to myself, then, what kind of car she expects me to drive? A Smart for 4? A BMW? What kind of car is suitable for people who earns 'gaji belas-belas ribu'?

Seriously, I never bother what kind of car I am driving, and I never thought that people will judge me by what type of car I am driving, or what kind of mobile phone I am using or bla bla bla. I am happy to know that I am able to differentiate my needs from my wants, such that I don't go and buy luxury things just because I earn 'belas-belas ribu'. Not that I am against people who choose to buy more expensive items etc, to me that's personal choice. But be a little bit more considerate lah, don't go and judge people and expect people to value things the way we do.

At the very least, I spent within my ability to spend. I don't go and ikat my perut just because I have to pay expensive car installments. I bought that cheap little pinky car of mine for cash using my bonus and that saves me from having to think of the installments for years to come.

And if it is not us who wants to support Malaysian product, who else? Merdeka!!

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