Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dinner @ Sri Thai

The final Saturday of Ramadhan this year, and we will be heading to our hometown on Sunday. So since both me and Mr D were too busy throughout Ramadhan and didn't have time to have our iftar together most of the time, we thought of having our iftar together on Saturday. We initially thought of buffet iftar at Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya, but was told that it is already fully booked till Sunday. Same thing with Sari Ratu Subang Parade. That's the price we have to pay for arranging things last minute. It was too late to cook at home since we've just came back from our shopping, so Mr D suggested to have our dinner at his favourite Thai restaurant, Sri Thai.

Sri Thai is located just across PJ Hilton, on the same row with Victoria Station. As this is Mr D's favorite, it is always the choice once we run out of idea of where to eat. One thing good is, Sri Thai's pricing is very reasonable, as compared to many upper class Thai restaurants. My favorite Thai restaurant is Sri Ayyuthaya Damansara Heights [I specifically mention Damansara Heights because other Sri Ayyuthaya branches are damn lousy], but Sri Ayyuthaya is too pricey. The price can easily double what is charged by Sri Thai [while the food quality and quantity is not doubled haha]. And we don't normally find any problem to park at Sri Thai, except yesterday the place was super duper busy we can't even find a parking place! We thought everybody gone back to kampung already for eid!

We've decided to break our fast at Mr D's office first, and only going off to Sri Thai after our maghrib prayer. So we booked the place at 8p.m. We went overboard yesterday, ordering 5 dishes for the two of us, really against the spirit of Ramadhan. But thought it is OK once a while, since we have been controlling our food since the beginning of Ramadhan so we just wanted to pamper ourselves today. A must in Thai restaurant is of course tom yam. We ordered seafood tom yam, which contains squid, prawn and crabs. Taste wise it is nice, but it has a lot more cili padi than the seafood itself. We practically have to scan the tom yam to avoid biting too much cili padi and eating too many coriander leaves.

I am the type who will choose seafood over chicken or beef when it comes to Thai food, so our main dish is of course fish. We chose siamese style steamed seabass, a sweet and sour version of their steamed selection. They have another steamed selection, that is Bangkok style which I don't really favor. Siamese style has very clear gravy which I love - and to couple it with seabass it is just perfect! It is not easy to 'overcook' seabass so we will always have tender fish meat even if it is put on fire a little bit too long. Like this one, it was boiling like mad half of the way while we were eating, but it still tasted right.

See.. I told you we really pampered ourselves this time. The third dish is a must dish whenever we are in Sri Thai, none other than butter prawnnnnnn!! Mr D's all time favorite, and Sri Thai never fails us, it tasted good each time. Sri Thai's butter prawn has superior quality compared to Sri Ayyuthaya. I have tasted Sri Ayyuthaya's butter prawn, it can sometimes be a little bit too soggy. The art of eating butter prawn is when you can enjoy the egg coating, but when you have soggy egg coating, the fun is gone. Sri Thai has among the best egg coating I've ever tasted - crispy, tasty and not too oily.

One thing about Mr D is he loves kerabu mango very much to the point of madness. I noticed he will order kerabu mango every time he sees kerabu mango listed on the menu. It doesn't matter whether it matches the other food selection, he still goes for kerabu mango. As expected, he ordered it this time - again. Kerabu mango in Sri Thai is OK, though it is not the best kerabu mango I've ever tasted.

And since I have to have my greens every time I eat, then we MUST go for another vegetable selection. I love broccoli as much as Mr D loves his kerabu mango, so broccoli it is. It is stir fried with black mushroom, a little bit of a disappointment I would say.The gravy was too oily, it was to the point of tasteless. But since I do sometimes take my steamed broccoli just like that, it didn't matter to me much.

So what was the verdict? See the picture below... gemuk eaters are happy eaters! Yeah..

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