Saturday, August 27, 2011

Supper @ Pak Li Kopitiam

I started to know about Pak Li Kopitiam early this year after Mr D was brought to here by one of his staffs. He came back telling me that the food in Pak Li Kopitiam is acceptable and we can mark this as one of our supper places - see that? Supper. What a bad habit, but that's what you can do when you go back from office in the middle of the night every night kan?

Pak Li Kopitiam actually located in several places, but the one we often visited is at Sek 7 Shah Alam. The port for UiTM students, so when you are there you will be surrounded by youngsters [and that can make you feel young perhaps?]. We even buy the privilege card as we go there quite often, so might as well. I have certain things I like and dislike in Pak Li Kopitiam, so I wouldn't say the food is all that great. But for certain things like Nasi Goreng Kampung, yeah.. I like it. And sometimes we are just searching for places to sit down, eat simple food and see other people's behavior.

And perhaps because it is quite easy to order there that's why we come quite often. My problem with many Malay restaurants is the waiters can sometimes be a bit deaf. Ordering can be a bit of hassle sometimes. In Pak Li however, they provide menu at the table complete with order paper and pencil, so we can just state what food we want by writing in the food code as stated in the menu. Then we can call the waiter to pick up the order, and they will repeat back what we order by saying the food name, I think that is a measure to ensure we are writing the correct code.

Since I was quite hungry that night, Nasi Lemak Special was my choice. Pak Li Kopitiam serves 3 types of Nasi Lemak, that is Nasi Lemak Special, Nasi Lemak Kari Ayam and Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam. I love Nasi Lemak Special because of the prawn sambal and the fish floss [I think it is fish floss], but I hate the chicken curry. There's a strange thing in its taste I can't explain why. I've tried to ask them whether I can change the chicken curry to chicken rendang when I order Nasi Lemak Special, but they said it is not allowed. Wish they can be more flexible like Madam Kwan where changes are allowed to suit our own taste bud.

And Mr D opted for Lemon Chicken Rice. The first time we ordered this, it was too dry. But this time they are quite generous with the gravy so Mr D loves that.

Pricing wise, it is quite cheap. Lemon chicken rice only cost RM5++, and nasi lemak special is about RM8.. so all in all there's nothing much we can complaint about.. you get what you pay lah kan hahaha.

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