Saturday, August 6, 2011

Songkhla / Hat Yai Part 3 : Samila Beach

Our next destination was Samila Beach. As I said earlier, the purpose for us to come to Hat Yai this round was only to run away from the hectic Kuala Lumpur. Therefore though we stayed in a hotel in the middle of Hat Yai city, our highlight for this trip this time around was outside the city itself. We didn't do much shopping in Hat Yai, that was not the purpose why we came. We just wanted to relax.

On the way to Samila beach, we crossed over using a ferry which was so crowded we might had difficulty to breath. There were so many cars that day, it was a very very long queue to get the tickets and then we saw a girl selling quails' egg from one car to another. It was so hot in the middle of the day, I wonder what's the feeling like walking from one car to another, it must be damn hot. That's the lesson I got that day, that there are so many children around the world who have to do all sort of jobs to overcome poverty. It was a sad view, but nonetheless that's part and parcel of life. When a boy approached our car to ask as to whether we need help to buy the ticket, we immediately agreed so we gave him the money and he walked to the counter (mind you the queue was long) with fiery sun on top of his head, and came back to give us the ticket and we tipped him something. No matter how sad I was seeing all these, I hope what they went through is a way for God to shape them to be a tough, stronger person, and that will benefit them in the future. Many of us do not have that experience, that's why we sometimes are so lembik.

Basically nothing much to brag about Samila Beach. It was beautiful, it was serene, but that's it. I mean the beaches around East Coast of Malaysia have that quality as well. But there's no harm going there just to relax. Oh by the way, there's also resorts near Samila Beach, like BP Samila Beach, so basically people can stay near to the beach if they want to.

There's also a statue of cat and mouse by the beach, which was inspired by the local legend. I am lazy to type what the legend is all about, but I captured the explanation in the below picture.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am excited to go to Hat Yai! :)