Saturday, August 6, 2011

Songkhla / Hat Yai Part 2 : Tone Nga Chang

The next morning we started the day early. I was still hungry despite the fact that I've eaten a number of prawns the night before. We stopped at a hawker's stall not far from Hat Yai, can't remember where exactly that is. I thought of ordering roti telur. I really thought I would get the roti telur similar to what we have in mamak restaurants here in Malaysia. And was really disappointed when I was given the above - roti telur, with sugar and condensed milk as a dipping sauce. Where's my curry? I don't even drink fresh milk, let alone condensed milk as a dipping sauce! But I ate the roti telur anyway, just the roti.
We later continued our journey to Tone Nga Chang waterfall, located some 30km from Hat Yai within the Tone Nga Chang wildlife sanctuary. Said to be the most beautiful waterfall, Tone Nga Chang means 'waterfall like an elephant tusks' simply because the third out of its seven cascades resembles elephant's tusks.

It basically has seven tiers, and in order to see all the 7 waterfalls we have to go deeper and deeper into the sanctuary. I can't remember how deep I went, but basically not that deep hahaha. Two reasons for that, one was because I didn't wear proper shoes to go through the track (I didn't thought of the climbing part when we decided to visit that place), and second was because we didn't really have much time. If ever we can spare a little bit more time to go through the track and do some camping there, that should be fun.

It isn't Niagara falls, but basically OK to spend time here to run away from the hectic city life. I love that place, I love any place surrounded by nature like this. Too bad we can't spend more time here. The water was clear enough, the color is not crystal blue of course, but we can basically see what is inside. Can clearly see the fish swimming here and there.. I think if it is not within the wildlife sanctuary, there would probably be many people fishing at the river. Fishing is basically prohibited.

Look at the above signboard, I was told that if we want to just enjoy the water, we are not allowed use any soap or shampoo. I think that's because they want to preserve fish in the water.

There's a restaurant and plenty of shops at the base, selling various items. I also saw there's sign to guest house within the sanctuary, so I guess there is a guest house there for people who want to enjoy the place a little bit longer. It was there that I first saw that 'roasted egg' whatever that is, though I didn't try it then. Regret .. I should have tried it then.

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