Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend @ Legend Water Chalet

Ni gara-gara nak lari dari kesibukan dan hiruk pikuk Kuala Lumpur. I didn't have much time to be spent, so Port Dickson it was. The thing is, PD is not much different than KL anyway, crowded, there are a lot of people especially for weekend. So I thought, OK, I'll have to find somewhere in PD yang less hectic. Finally, decided to go to Legend Water Chalet. Turn out it was quite OK, less crowded, less noise, and I had a very good sleep at night.

The Accommodation

Not bad juga Legend Water Chalet ni, it is built atas air macam kampung nelayan. When I booked the place via internet, I was given a choice whether to stay at the top unit or bottom unit of a double story chalet. The bottom unit tu is more expensive, but it was fully booked that day so I opted for the top unit. Masa tu frust juga because I heard that the bottom unit is better, because there's transparent floor yg you can see the water flowing beneath. But then when I was there, I thought the top unit is better because the water beneath was not that beautiful anyway.

This is the view from the top unit of the double storey Legent Water Chalet unit masa sunset. I was hoping for a better view, but that day was a bit gloomy so this was all I can get. But it still look so serene, just perfect nak duduk-duduk layan perasaan lepas-lepas maghrib hik hik.
The unit I stayed tu come with a small balcony. Balcony ni kecik je, ni kalau berdiri 3 orang sahih lah berlanggar-langgar bahu. But since there are only two of us, me and Mr D, cukuplah kan buat kitorang belomantik lomantik sambil minum kopi pagi-pagi. And also ada free show juga kat depan tu. The units opposite to our unit tu ada swimming pool attached to it, tapi ada wall yg quite high to cover it.. but ntah mcm mana ada juga yg buat free show kat depan tu.. 18SX betul hihi.
Ni gambaran dalam chalet tu. Quite small, but it is enough to cater 3 people in it. There was a King / Queen bed and a sofa bed near the window. Siang-siang boleh lah convert jadi tempat duduk-duduk. One thing I like about this chalet, though the area is quite small, but the lighting is just perfect to my liking. Gelap, just enough for you to see each other's face. Siang-siang pun boleh gelap gini. So memang sesuai sangat for us to just sleep and relax.
And there's bath tub and shower also in it. The bath tab ni jenis yg kena duduk gitu, tak muat nak baring-baring, pendek sangat.

The Buffet Spread

When booking a hotel, I normally find something with breakfast buffet. Reason being, bila bercuti ni, malas kan nak fikir-fikir about food. Better just fill in your tummy with enough things in the morning then you don't have to think about lunch. Just concentrate to relax or sightseeing kan. The buffet spread at Legend Water Chalet ni I rate it as OK lah. Not that great, but not bad, and more than enough. The areas covered is quite large, the food are mostly Asian. Cuma ada seating yg quite exposed to the morning sunshine, panas juga. But you can always sit inside.

If you ask me for a rating, I would rate Legend Water Chalet as 7/10. The place is OK, pricing is OK (the unit I stayed cost close to RM400), and it is just nice to relax. For those with family, I think can try Legend Water Homes, it is bigger and more suitable for family.


  1. salam ziarah..
    first time singgah sini..
    ayu suka dgn blog yang ada kongsi ttg pengalaman mereka ke merata tempat..
    lagilah ada pic yang cun2..
    suna DSLR kan????

    salam perkenalan

  2. Thanks kak visit sini :) Salam perkenalan juga. Selalu visit your blog jadi silent reader :)

    Saya baru nak buka blog ni, baru nak letak satu-satu. Material ada banyak tapi kena slow-slow. Saya pakai kamera cikai je kak.. alah kamera digital biasa yg murah-murah tu je :)

  3. Kjee pun tinggal di water chalet PD ni last Raya. We got the bottom unit. ada mini swimming pool. but nothing to shout about cos tak dapat main laut. but the breakfast spread was awesome.

  4. ha'ah kak jee.. nak mandi laut kena pergi tempat lain coz kat sana tak ada pantai kan. Kak Jee ambik unit yg attached with swimming pool tu ye, that unit I think is a bigger one kan.