Monday, July 4, 2011

Mosques in Hong Kong

Punyalah banyak kali saya ulang-alik ulang-alik ke Hong Kong, sempat pergi dua masjid ni je lah. Satu kat Wan Chai, satu kat Nathan Road, Kowloon. If I am not mistaken there are 5 mosques in Hong Kong in total, of which 4 are in Hong Kong Island and one in Kowloon. These mosques also operate as the Islamic centres.

Masjid kat bawah ni located in Nathan Road, Wan Chai. Senang nak nampak because memang main location kan. Strategic place.. for err... ladies! [I found this mosque the first time while walking towards completing my 'mission' somewhere nearby.. hik hik]

Yang ni pulak masjid kat Wan Chai, where the Islamic Canteen is located. Saya ada cerita sikit pasal Islamic Canteen kat dalam this entry.

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