Saturday, January 26, 2013

D Joho - Noodles selection from Johor

This is the naughty part we did on Monday - eating close to midnight. So don't be surprise if we gain weight soon.
I came back from office hungry, and as usual, Mr D suggested the stalls near Metro bus depot at USJ 8. We normally eat at La Kasturi, but since it was closed, so Mr D suggested to eat at D Joho. We've never tried D Joho, so this is basically a trial session. 

D Joho basically sells many types of noodles - especially the one yg Johor based. Mee rebus, laksa Johor, mee kari, soto etc. Mr D opted for mee rebus while I just had the mee kari.

The above is Mr D's plate - not very nice he said, though it is edible. I tasted the gravy and thought it has some strange taste. It does has the dried prawn's taste, but I can't explain why the gravy tasted very strange. 

And this is my plate of mee kari. At a glance, it looks very similar to Mr D's mee rebus huh? Mr D thought we ordered the same thing. This mee kari has a full egg, full of shredded chicken and beef, with a generous amount of vegetables and bean sprout - which I like. But I don't like the taste of the gravy, too sweet to my liking. It doesn't taste like there's any chilli added, seriously, it is rather too sweet. 

So all in all, I probably will not order these 2 the next time. If ever we have to eat here, I probably will try their soto or laksa Johor next.

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  1. I order mee rebus+ bandung from the same store. Though not bad. But for Rm 9 total; I think its pricey for a meatless dish.

    Or I am specially overcharge