Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ikan Bakar Umbai : NO!! to Gerai Kita Number 5

The night we were in Malacca, Mr D asked whether I want to go to Umbai for dinner. So after Maghrib we went to Umbai to find that famous ikan bakar. When we reached there, the place is already crowded. We didn't want to wait, so instead of going to the Parameswara, we chose whichever stall located nearer to the parking lot.

We entered stall no 5 - named Gerai Kita. That's after being persuaded by the owner / worker (I guess only lah haa). So we thought - OK, not bad, there are many people here, somebody must know what they are doing so it can't be that bad. So there we were, with the hope that the food will be superb, we went in.

The first dissappointment was when we were asked to sit at the table inside the stall - which is located very near to the place where they grilled the fish and the kitchen. We were practically stucked in the middle, in between grilling station and the kitchen. Can imagine? Wa wa wei... very uncomfortable - with the smoke and all. Gosh - they should seriously think of the logistic of the tables in it.

The fish selection is not much, but then again it looks fresh enough so we chose prawn and a small golden snapper. We chose butter prawn and "ikan tiga rasa", and added kangkung belacan as well. It's kind of too much for the two of us but it wasn't too bad because we didn't really eat rice that night.

 The first food served to us for the night was what supposed to be 'butter prawn'. But what was served in front of us was fried prawn in scrambled egg with overflowed butter. Since when the butter prawn looks like that ? It was a real disappointment. It wasn't even close to being butter prawn! And when our ikan tiga rasa arrived, I have no mood to take pictures already. Very disappointing. How tiga rasa supposed to taste? I can only taste chilli sauce in that dish.

Mr D said that we might as well ordered fried fish and fried prawn, that will definitely taste better since the seafood items loos fresh. Deep frying it could be a better option. It was the chef who ruined the taste. I can definitely cook better.

Hmm.. it is about time for the owner of this stall to think of searching for a better chef. The current one they have will not bring their business to the next level. Dissappointing!

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  1. Im sorry for your disappointed ,we already change our chef ..