Sunday, January 20, 2013

Frozen Yogurt at Jonker Street

It was out of curiosity that me and Mr D went to Jonker Street during our recent visit to Melaka. We just wanted to see what's offered along the street. We've been to Malacca quite a number of times, but never thought to visit Jonker Street.

As we stayed at Holiday Inn, it was only about 1km walk from hotel to Jonker Street. We didn't drive but instead opt to take a relaxing walk. It was about 6:00pm when we reached Jonker Street so the hawkers were in the midst of setting up their stalls. 

 Mr D thought it is like Petaling Street hahaha. But that is because he was just looking at the hawkers stall around and the crowd. I think what is unique about Jonker Street is the variety of things we can find around, from antiques to local food to craft items to souvenir etc. 

We just walked along the street to see what is offered, nothing interest Mr D of course. But along the way we bought this frozen yogurt sold at one of the stalls . Mr D chose the mint flavor while I opt to have sour plum flavor. Mine was real goooooooooood, really, it was really good. So all I will remember about Jonker Street will be this - the best sour plum frozen yogurt ice cream !

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