Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Entertainment in the Middle of the City

Am left alone today. Mr D is flying to Hong Kong today with the children and will only be back on Sunday, 27th January. So I will be left alone for 4+ days. Have fun guys!

 Anyway, just wanted to share the interesting event we saw during our recent visit to Malacca. This is located very near to junction near The Stadthyus, on our way back to Holiday Inn. The picture might not be clear, but what I wanted to show is a group of youngsters playing drums of secessions on the wall by the drain near the main street. It was 6+pm then.

Very talented I must say. The coordination was good. The music was good. I wonder whether they have any serious involvement in music or they were just doing this for fun. But whatever it is, it is an entertainment to the city.

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