Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thai Food @ La Kasturi USJ 8

I just love Thai food. Luckily we can easily get it around KL, either in posh restaurants or just some stalls in the food court. But when it comes to stalls type of Thai food around Subang Jaya, I love this stall called La Kasturi, located at the food court behind the Metro Bus depot in USJ 8. A very simple stall, nonetheless the quality of the food is good considering the cheap price. I think Mr D and me visit this stall perhaps every week.

 The owner, as I understand it to be, is from Pattani. Hence, you can expect to have quite an authentic southern Thai taste served on your table. The owner and their children are very friendly, and they speak Thai to one another, though they speak in Kelantanese dialect with the customers. The service is quite fast, you can expect the food to be served on your table within 10-15 minutes if there's not many people around, unless you order something fancy like steamed fish and all.

La Kasturi has quite a number of varieties of method of cooking for fish, but, the picture above is our favorite - steamed seabass in lime juice - siakap stim limau. A very simple dish, with not many ingredients in, but very refreshing. I think siakap is the best selection of fish for this dish. It is hot, it is sour, it is sweet at the same time. Very simple yet very nice. Speaking of fish, I've tried ikan goreng halia but I think that's not their speciality - it was quite a disappointment then. So we better stick to Thai type of fish, but their sweet and sour is nice though.

 And this is another favorite of mine - seafood kerabu. I do sometimes order kerabu sotong as well. Very simple dish but it is one of the best simple kerabu I've ever tasted. I do sometimes ask for lime steamed squid as well, it tasted almost the same but I think the kerabu taste better. 

And this nasi goreng ladna is my favorite of all. I love nasi ladna but it is kind of difficult to find nice nasi ladna around. But for those who love nasi ladna, try to come to La Kasturi. To me, their nasi goreng  ladna is the best. Simple, yet the soup is very tasty. Mr D loves it as well. 

The other thing about La Kasturi is their vegetable selection. How many stalls around Klang Valley include asparagus and broccoli in their menu? La Kasturi, despite being a small simple stall, has that in their vegetable selection. I love asparagus with prawn, though the asparagus used is kind of baby in size.

But like all other stalls, there are probably some items which needs improvement. Its kailan ikan masin for example, to me, includes too much salted fish. Similarly, its 'pedas' selection e.g sotong / udang pedas, is kind of too oily though the taste is nice. I haven't tried their tomyam though, so I can't comment on that. 

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