Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holiday Inn Malacca

Our trip to Malacca recently was in conjunction with our 8th anniversary on 11th January. I didn't remember the date, initially I thought I just wanted to just get away from KL life and wanted to go somewhere nearby. It doesn't matter where, for as long as it is out of KL. So I told Mr D I wanted to go somewhere near and he agreed. Mr D did all the bookings and he booked Holiday Inn Malacca, located at Jln Syed Abd Aziz at the city centre. It wasn't until we reached Malacca that I realised he actually wanted it to be our anniversary relaxing weekend *love*. 

 Mr D opted for a seaview room, but what view you can get considering it is Malacca? So the above view was what we got from our bedroom window overlooking the straits of Malacca. Not much of a view huh? 

We were greeted by the reception, friendly looking and welcoming. Mr D paid RM350++ for the room, and the setback is that it excludes breakfast. We had to pay extra RM20++ per pax for the breakfast buffet. The reception however didn't really give us direction of where to find the lift, not that it is much of a problem to find, but what was lacking is that they didn't even explain that the room access card is needed to operate the lift. There's no clear direction of how to operate the lift in the lift either, except the slot to insert the access card which is located parallel to our hip level. They should put it at eye level so that it can be seen easier!!

The room is comfortable, the size is just nice for two. It has normal coffee / tea making facilities, some fruits prepared at the table and quite a complete toilet kit. Bathroom was also spacious and comfortable. The setback is the limited TV channels offered, and the fact that it doesn't offer Wi-Fi for free. Wi-Fi is only available at a fee, can't remember how much was it but which 4 star hotel charge for the use of internet nowadays? They should consider offering the service for free.

Buffet breakfast was served from 6am to 10am. We went down close to 8am and was quite satisfied with the buffet spread. It was just a normal buffet spread with local and western varieties, but the choices was wide enough. And what I love the most is the fact that it has a counter to serve you healthy drinks - you can choose from cucumber, tomato, carot etc, freshly prepared in front of you. Nice. 

All in all, I have not much complaint about the hotel, apart from the minor things which I think will not affect the stay that much. We spent quite some times in the hotel room and it was comfortable enough.

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