Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whittakers @ The Zon Bukit Kayu Hitam

I don't normally have things in mind to shop at the duty free zone, except, the fact that I am crazy about Whittakers chocolate. So duty free zone to me is associated with Whittakers. It is not easy to find Whittakers in Subang Jaya, though I do sometimes find it in Cold Storage / Empire in Subang Jaya. But the price in Subang Jaya is crazily expensive. The packet of 3 Peanuts Slab can cost you RM16!

 So I took the opportunity to drop by at The Zon duty free on our way back from Songkhla to Malaysia. If we are coming from Malaysia, the duty free zone is located right after Malaysian immigration checkpoint at Bukit Kayu Hitam, before we reach Thailand immigration checkpoint. The other day I was searching for the dark chocolate Peanuts Slab, but didn't manage to find it. So I satisfied myself with the normal Peanuts Slab. The price was not as cheap as what I found in Langkawi the other day, but it is cheap enough compared to what we can find in Subang Jaya. It costs RM9.90 per pack of 3 Peanuts Slab, and was sold at special price of RM7.90 per pack of 3 the day I was there. 

I bought 12 packs - ready to be distributed to my subordinates in office and kept some to be consumed in the fridge. Heaven!

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