Monday, October 29, 2012

Istana Kenangan Kuala Kangsar

We stopped by briefly at Istana Kenangan, Kuala Kangsar during our short  visit to Kuala Kangsar last week. Istana Kenangan is located not far behind Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan and currently used as the Royal Museum. Too bad, it was closed for renovation that day, otherwise I would love to enter the palace and see how it is like. The palace is quite unique, and I like the way the roof was designed.

This palace was built in 1926, and used as a temporary palace for Sultan Iskandar between 1931 to 1933 while waiting for the Istana Iskandariah to be completed. Seriously, I want to visit this palace again one day to see how the Sultan lives once upon a time. Does it look like what is normally portray in the Malay film?


  1. dua kali saya datang, dua kali jugak tutup kata under renovation. tp takde pn tanda2 renovationnya. huhu

  2. ha'ah.. betul gak tu.. takde pulak nampak orang buat kerja2 kat situ