Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lemak Cili Padi Udang Galah

I found my favourite udang galah (fresh water prawn) at SS15 market the other day, which cost RM35 per kg. Not bad, it is of medium size.

So back from the market, I was thinking of what to do with the prawn. Since my brother is coming that night, so I thought of cooking masak lemak cili padi, since to me, udang galah is best cooked that way. 

Being a true blue N9ian, my life has never been far from masak lemak cili padi. Not all masak lemak cili padi is nice, but to me, masak lemak cili padi udang galah is just perfect. And it is easy to cook as well.

 I learned various way to cook masak lemak cili padi. My mom's version will add sliced shallots with garlic. But the elder generation of Negeri Sembilan cook it without any shallot or garlic. And I later learn that less is more... masak lemak cili padi is nicer without shallots and garlic. So I cook this prawn without any garlic or shallot.. easy peasy.


600gm of udang galah / other types of prawn
10-15 bird eyes chillies (to blend)
2 inches fresh tumeric root (to blend)
3 stalks lemongrass (pounded)
2 tumeric leaves
fresh coconut milk from 1 medium size coconut
salt & seasoning to taste


Mix birds eyes chillies, fresh tumeric, lemongrass, coconut milk and tumeric leaves in a pot and bring it to boil. The coconut milk is very sensitive, so make sure we stir it well while it is on the stove to preserve the texture and taste of the gravy. My mom's tip is to put in the salt and seasoning at the early stage of cooking to control the gravy. Once the gravy is almost cooked, put in the prawn and bring it to boil once again. The prawn is added later to avoid from it being overcooked. Slow the fire and let it simmer for a while until it is fully cooked. 

** To maintain the sweetness of the prawn, do not go overboard with the chillies. Prawn will lost its sweetness if we put too much chillies in it.


  1. boleh terasa anak tekak ku turun naik bila tenguk gambar ini........

  2. hihi.. orang N9 memang gitu :)

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