Sunday, October 21, 2012

BP Samila Beach Resort

This time around we didn't book any accommodation for our stay in Songkhla province. Mr D thought it would be easy to find one in either Hat Yai, Danok, or by Samila beach. As he deferred his visit to Malaysian Consulate to our second day in Songkhla, therefore it was just logical to find an accommodation near Samila beach, which is where the Malaysian Consulate is located.

We then just stopped by at BP Samila Beach Resort, located within walking distance from the Malaysian Consulate. The best part of this hotel is its location, it is just stone throw away from the beach, very suitable if relaxing is what you are up to.

We were there on Thursday, so the crowd is lesser. We booked a deluxe room facing the beach at 30% discount, paying 1,750 baht instead of the original price of 2,500 baht. 

The above picture is how our room looks like on the second day. In a mess huh? We were about to leave for breakfast then and I was so lazy to at least make the bed presentable. The room was OK, though, like most hotels around Songkhla, a bit run down. You can smell something 'old' even in the lift. It is clean enough though. The space is also spacious for 2 people occupancy.

But there are a number of things I think this hotel should improve to make it more comfortable for people to stay :
  1.  The TV is ancient. Really. And for a foreigner, I seriously do not know which channel I should watch. I don't understand a single thing. More English channels please!
  2. There's no kettle or coffee provided in the room. What kind of hotel is that? This is the first time I come across a hotel of that standard which do not provide that facility. And being a loyal coffee drinker Mr D is, this have a huge impact on him. Not being able to boil water in the room to drink coffee? BP Samila Beach certainly lost points there.
  3. There's no wifi in the room. The internet connection is available at the lobby for the price of 90baht per hour. Are you kidding me? 90 baht per hour? 
  4. I was misled by the bell boy. He told me that 2 bottles of mineral water from the fridge is complimentary. But upon check out, I was charged for 40 baht for those two. Should I call you a liar? Or should I assume the bell boy was misinformed?
  5.  The breakfast spread is just OK. Not bad, it is edible. I don't know whether the spread is halal. I was told it is. But just to be on the safe side, I just consumed the safe items like bread and such. 
But I think the best part of this hotel is if you opt for a sea view unit, the scenery from the balcony is actually pretty breathtaking. Mr D spent quite some time at the balcony enjoying the view. Simply relaxing!

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