Monday, October 22, 2012

De Hotel, Ipoh

We dropped by at Ipoh on the way back from Songkhla to Subang Jaya. Mr D wanted to just visit his old school, Malay College Kuala Kangsar. So we stayed in Ipoh for the night. 

As it will only be a short stay, so we didn't want to spend too much on hotel. Mr D booked a simple room from De Hotel at the price of RM118. This hotel is located near Fatimah Hospital, and close to other amenities like banks and places to eat. A rather convenient choice.

 De Hotel is located at a shop lot, sharing a building with Courts. It has a small reception at the ground floor and all its rooms are located at 2nd floor. It has more than 40 rooms, and I understand it has many types of rooms available. 

 We didn't expect much initially.. I mean with RM118 you sure won't expect much. Mr D chose to book this hotel due to the good review it has in tripadvisor. We will only be spending the night so it doesn't matter that much. But we were surprised when we enter the room... it was so nice and cosy. The room size was very small, but it is comfortable enough for two people sharing a room. 

 The interior decoration of the room is modern and stylish. It has all you need. Kettle to boil the water, coffee, complete toiletries, hot shower, telephone and TV. I can see that the iron board is located outside the room so people can share it. It has Wi-Fi service but it was very-very slow to the point of useless so we didn't use it.

The staffs are also very friendly. They made effort to talk to us and recognise who comes in and comes out.

The minus point will be its parking. Considering it is a small hotel, the car park is located at the side of the hotel facing the residential area. I kind of worry of its safety, but alhamdulillah, nothing happened.

Do I recommend this hotel? Yes, very much. If size does not matter, and you want a simple basic hotel, this hotel is it.

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