Saturday, March 17, 2012

Plan B : Will it be Melbourne or Still New Zealand?

Since Air Asia announced the suspension of Christchurch route on Monday, I haven't made any decision with regards to the tickets I currently hold. I hold 5 tickets in September, supposedly to bring my parents for vacation as a present.

I certainly can't bring forward the date from September to an earlier one, because my sister-in-law, who is supposed to also join the trip, is currently pregnant. September would be perfect since the baby would have been delivered by then. 

Opting for a refund doesn't seem cost effective either.  I bought the tickets at quite a very cheap price, at about RM700 per pax return. So if I can move it to another long haul destination, it would be better. But to move the destination will need quite a careful consideration. Am bringing my parents, so location is important to ensure they are not sick and tired. New Zealand was earlier considered because I visited that country before and I know it is kind of comfortable for old people, and campervan is available to give them comfort along the journey. 

Am now considering 2 options, either to:

The capital city of Victoria in Australia. 

 (picture credit to foundation of CARI Forum)

I haven't visited Melbourne yet. I haven't done any research yet as to whether Melbourne will be suitable to bring my parents for vacation, guess I have to start doing the research now. 

To stick to the earlier plan, New Zealand. I might re-route the ticket to Melbourne, and then find other flight from Melbourne to Christchurch / Auckland. There are plenty of airlines operating Melbourne - New Zealand. 

I still can't take my mind off New Zealand for the vacation this time thinking of how comfortable it will be to move my parents around and am sure they would love New Zealand the way I do - the quietness, the peacefulness and all. And plus, I have already booked a campervan and cancelling it would be a messy business.

So what will my decision be? Am not quite sure yet. But I think I will just re-route the ticket to Melbourne, and think of whether I will take the connecting flight to New Zealand later on.

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