Friday, March 9, 2012

Langkawi : Duty Free and My Whittakers!!

I guess for some people, Langkawi is the right place to shop for certain items. I didn't have that intention during my recent trip, simply because both me and Mr D are lazy creatures.. we hate to carry things. When I booked the flight with Air Asia, I didn't even buy any checked baggage. We just rely on the 7kg hand luggage allocation. So, even when we stayed at Bayview Hotel which is very convenient for shopping given its location, we didn't do much shopping, except - chocolates!!!

Even then, we didn't buy many chocolates, except, our favorite Whittakers. Both of us are crazy about Whittakers. When we were in New Zealand, that's what we consumed day in and day out. Especially its dark chocolate. Whittakers is originated from New Zealand, but we can sometimes find it in KL, but it is damn expensive in KL. I remember buying the peanut slab (not the normal gold whittakers) which of course in small package, at the price of RM16 per pack of 3. In New Zealand it costs around NZD3. And guess what is the price in Langkawi? RM6.50!! I ended up buying 16packs altogether - in all variety : dark chocolate peanut slab, the normal chocolate peanut slab and peanut and raisins. The gold Whittakers bar is sold at about RM10 per bar. Isn't that cheap? It costs around NZD3.50 in some parts of New Zealand, and can be as high as NZD5 per bar.

I compared prices in a number of duty free shops around Kuah, and noted the price is not that different between one another. Mr D is of course happy with his Ghana Mint, also a variety of Whittakers, which I also like because the slight bitterness from the dark chocolate is combined with the refreshing minty taste.

I visited the duty free shops around Bayview Langkawi, which are within walking distance. Zeno and Haji Ismail Group are located opposite each other. There's not much difference when it come to prices.

I also visited Idaman Suri, which needs about 5 minutes drive from Bayview Hotel. In terms of arrangement, I think Idaman Suri probably is better. And for those who love Corelle and stuffs, they might like it. But price wise, Haji Ismail Group probably beats it.

*hampa nak beli pinggan mangkuk ka? Mai lahh Langkawi

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