Friday, March 16, 2012

Airplane and Ears

I thought of writing this after we landed in LCCT back from Langkawi the other day, but never had time to really write it until today. Something happened during the journey that made me thought of writing this. There was a baby with his parents sitting near us, and the baby looks like a happy little baby throughout the journey. But he cried loudly both during ascend and descend, which makes me think, was it because of his uncomfortable ears - painful perhaps?

I think everybody who ever board a plane would know what would normally happen to our ears when an airplane ascend or descend. This does not only happen when we board a plane, but also to those involve in diving. The rapid changes in the air pressure during that process, causes extraneous discomfort in our ears because our eustachian tube does not react as quick. I can imagine how this will impact the tiny ears of a baby or a toddler. So it is important for parents to come prepared when traveling with their kids in an airplane. Don't take this lightly because it is normal for children to develop ear infection post airplane ride.

I don't know how you guys treat your airplane ear problem during ascend or descend, but I do normally have chewing gum or sweets or drinks or whatever in my bag ready for take off and landing. This helps to manage the air pressure and reduce the pain. The act of swallowing is what helps it. So for babies, perhaps parents should be prepared with a bottle of milk or to just breastfeed the baby during take off or landing. That perhaps is the easiest solution, of course there's ear plug that can help managing this as well which can be bought if you want to (though am not sure whether it is suitable for babies).

Take it seriously guys.. pity your poor little baby.  If it is painful to our tough big ears, think of what it will do to that little fragile ears of your baby. And plus, it helps other passengers too, an environment free from the sound of baby crying is certainly a better environment.. hehe.


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