Thursday, March 1, 2012

Langkawi : Of Minor Attractions

On our final day in Langkawi, we just wanted to take a slow drive around the island, while waiting for our flight which was scheduled at 8:50pm that night. Langkawi is not big, so the attractions are located not too far from one another. Plus, it is so easy to get from one place to another, you don't even need a GPS.

We started our slow drive from Telaga Tujuh, located at Gunung Mat Chincang near the cable car, which is actually a waterfall. One will need to do a little climbing about 10-15 minutes to reach the place from the base.

The next destination was Wildlife and Bird Park, where it houses a number of wild life and bird species like the Bird Park we have here in Kuala Lumpur. We can buy food at the entrance to feed the animals at the price of RM6 per set, which consists of food to be given to the parrots, various birds, fish and rabbit. The entrance fee is RM12 per pax for adult and RM8 per pax for children. I think children will enjoy this park very much.

I kind of like the information displayed at every cage in the park. I like the way the information is presented, it is kind of brief, and funny. That's the kind of thing I think will be glued in my head for long - short and funny information. Am sure kids will love the information too.

We then head to Durian Perangin, another waterfall in Langkawi located at Gunung Raya. There are 14 tiers of the waterfall, but I understand it is seasonal. During the rainy season, the water flow will be heavier. This waterfall is quite 'mini' in my opinion, maybe because we visited this place in February. The fact that we have to climb up quite far to the 'peak', it is not worth it.

And perhaps because it is so 'mini', it looks so run down. The bridges are old and looks like it can collapse any time. Perhaps something could be done to preserve the facilities. Notwithstanding the fact that it is so mini, it can be an attraction to the jungle trackers especially those who love the flora and fauna around the waterfall.

Mr D said he wanted to visit the glass blowing place, which is located within the compound of the Langkawi Craft Complex. The complex itself is full of craft items and exhibition like batik painting, mengkuang etc. But this place is kind of quiet, Malaysians probably do not find this interesting, but for tourists, this is something worth looking at.

The only problem with the exhibition is, there's no explanation given to the visitors. It is just showing how things done. Perhaps it is better to give visitors information of how things are done. Then it will be more interesting.

We then went to the back to where the glass blowing activity was done at Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing. This gallery cum workshop is opened for public daily except on Friday. Here we will be able to see how crystal items are done, in the workshop behind the gallery. They are working in a room full of heat, and looking at the way they blow the crystal, no wonder the price is so expensive. We can also buy crystal items at the gallery.

Done with our visit at the craft centre, we head down to the Telaga Ayer Hangat. It is now not only housing the hot spring, but also a spa. Nothing much to be done there, but if you want to soak your feet in the warm water, you can do so. Just that I found the place quite smelly from the mould and all, perhaps something need to be done?

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