Thursday, February 23, 2012

Relaxing @ Grand Lexis, Port Dickson

Port Dickson ... balik-balik Port Dickson kan? But that's the easiest and nearest place to just take a drive to given the limited time. There's nothing to be done there, but if 'relaxing' is the only theme, then it is not too bad.

This time the visit to Port Dickson is for my parents' 68th and 70th birthday. They were born on the same date but in different year. So for us children, it is very easy to celebrate their birthday - we do it together. I decided to book Grand Lexis, the waterhomes built on the sea, as a present for my parents, hopefully they can relax. The last time I went there was in late 2010, when the place was still called Legend Water Homes (I went to Legend Water Chalets).

This time I booked for Premium Pool Villa, with 2 King / Queen beds. The highlight about this villa is each villa has its own pool inside, so we can swim with nobody else around. Even my mum joined us in the pool. The villa is spacious, at about 1,200sq ft. So it really feels like home.

Grand Lexis has no beach on its own, so for those who wants to enjoy the beach will have to go to the other places nearby.

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