Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pavlova @ Serai

Mr D's favorite dessert is pavlova. Perhaps because of years he spent in New Zealand, and because his foster mother the late Mrs W was good at baking it. Even when we were in New Zealand last September, he was asking for pavlova whenever we stop by at any bakery (but we can't find it). Amazing huh.. pavlova is the national dessert of New Zealand (which they fight with Aussie to claim it is theirs), but yet we can't find it easily sold throughout our 2 weeks stay there.

The other day we dropped by at Serai @ Empire Gallery Subang Jaya, and ordered pavlova (looks like it is much easier to find it in KL than in NZ hahaha). My review of it, it is edible, though that's not the best pavlova I've eaten. It is a bit too sweet, but it is OK. Comparing to the chocolate pavlova in Delicious, Serai's is slightly better.

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