Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Ong Choy is Growing!!

Meet my new darling! In my attempt to be self-sufficient, I turned my balcony into a vege patch. I am determined to be a successful farmer from now on hahaha. Who said those living in condo cannot have edible garden? We can make use of the balcony!!

I planted a number of seeds in my vege patch, including Hong Kong kailan, cabbage, tomatoes etc, but looks like ong choy (kangkung) is the fastest one to grow. Perhaps it has something to do with the size of its seed huh? Kangkung's seed is the biggest among all I've planted.

My mother threw some chilli seeds as well while she was here last week, and it grows wildly on the vege patch. Will have to rearrange it when it grows slightly bigger later. Can't wait to see. Grow bigger, my darling. Grow bigger. And faster.

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