Monday, November 12, 2012

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

My mom, dad and eldest brother are having fun in Penang. My youngest brother is having fun in Singapore and JB. Me stuck in Subang Jaya. Tak boleh jadi ni. So yesterday after brunch, I had this crazy idea and suggested to Mr D - cruising at Putrajaya lake. Mr D, as usual, agreed to it so off we go to Putrajaya. 

 Frankly, this is my first time experience with this cruise tasik.. haha.. rumah tak jauh mana pun dari Putrajaya, pergi Putrajaya selalu, but never thought of it. Haish. We reached the counter at about 1pm, and we had to wait for the 2:15 cruise so we had plenty of time to pray zuhur first before boarding the cruise. The ticket was RM30 per pax. Nothing much lah the cruise, so nak paste gambar-gambar yang I've taken along the ride je lah.

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