Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mee Calong Beserah

I always heard about mee calong from my brother and my sister-in-law, my brother loves it very much. Mee calong is supposedly very famous in Kuantan, especially in Beserah area. But the fact remains, I didn't know how mee calong looks like despite the fact that I am married to a 'Kuantan'ese. Not for a week, not for a month, but we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary very soon! And when I suggested to Mr D to visit any mee calong stall last weekend when we were in Kuantan, he admitted that he didn't know what mee calong is. Even my mother-in-law never tasted mee calong her whole life. 

So to satisfy my curiosity, we googled, and found a direction to go to one of the stalls selling mee calong in Beserah. It is called Joe Warung Mee Calong & Keropok Beserah. This stall is located at Kg Alur Tuan Haji, not far from Petronas at KM8 Kuantan - Kemaman. This stall is just a simple stall, and apart from mee calong, it also sells keropok lekor and nasi kukus as well. There's an option for mee calong, either you want it with the yellow stick noodle, or the normal meehoon or vermicelli.

We reached the stall in the morning, it was about 10am then. I haven't had any breakfast, so it became our brunch that day. So what I can say about mee calong, it is like mee soup, but with an addition of fish balls, keropok lekor and stuffed tofu. It is eaten with special chilli sauce, soy sauce and pepper. But I think makan dengan sambal kicap lagi best kot. I think the soup is made of maybe fish or prawn stock. Taste wise, yeah, I like it because I love clear soup. But it is not so fantastic to make me dream of it the way my brother feel.

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