Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kuih Muih @ Tanjung Lumpur

Everytime I am in Kuantan, I must buy kuih-muih @ Tanjung Lumpur. The choices of kuih in Kuantan is of course not as much as what is offered in Kelantan, but in Kuantan, Tanjung Lumpur is the place if we want to buy East Coast's type of kuih. There are 2 stalls I normally visit if I go to Tanjung Lumpur for kuihs, that is Karipap Panas Peramu and Gerai Mokna.

Karipap panas Peramu

Karipap panas Peramu is famous for its karipap. This stall is located in Kampung Peramu. It is easy to find this stall, just drive from Kuantan, through the bridge to Tanjung Lumpur straight through until we can find U-turn where u U turn and can find the stall on your left. 

This stall is famous for its karipap. It sells variety of karipap like Karipap Daging, Karipap Ayam and such. The size is slightly bigger than the normal size we can find here in Kuala Lumpur, but is is sold at 50 cent per piece. The karipap is nice, though don't expect to find meat in your karipap though the name suggests it. I think the portion of the meat perhaps is so insignificant that I never find it in the karipap all the time. I can only see potato. 

There are quite a number of other varieties of fried items sold here as well, ikan celup tepung, goreng pisang and all. And if we thought of eating something heavier, nasi lemak, mee goreng and nasi minyak is available as well.

 Gerai Mokna

This is another place I will visit if I want to find fried items or East Coast type of kuihs. There are variety of kuih choices we can find here, from cik mek molek to kuih bakar to akok and all. The akok is not as nice as what is sold in Restoran Molek in Shah Alam though. Perhaps because that is pure Kelantanese one.

There are also fried items sold here.. with a more variety of choices because it covers from the goreng pisang, to fried balls, to fried seafood items. I like fried seafood items no matter where it is sold. Here in Gerai Mokna, we can find fried sotong, fried crab, fried prawn on top of the fried fish. And the best part of it is the kerak lah kan... kerak tu yg kalo makan tak sedar dah makan sepiring. Very dangerous indeed!

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