Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Food Before You Take Off..

Being Muslim, the first thing most of my family and friends asked about Hong Kong is 'Is it easy to get halal food?'. Well, I wouldn't say it is easy, as easy as Malaysia, but it is definitely not difficult either. Tell you what.. you can even find halal food at the airport!

The first time I went to Hong Kong, though I didn't have problem to find for halal food while I was on the island itself, I didn't think that there's halal food at the airport terminal itself. While waiting for the flight to go back to Malaysia, I decided to satisfy my hunger by way of eating a plain-boring-full-of-vegetable sandwich sold at one of the shop lots within the airport. The shop lots share common eating areas, so you basically are free to sit anywhere. It was then, while eating, that I noticed a small sign at the shop nearby - a HALAL sign.

Oh.. and this is what they serve...

My my my.. what the hell am I doing eating that plain vege stuff, when a halal fried chicken shop is there - right in front of my eyes? POPEYE's - is apparently certified halal by the Islamic Department of Lantau Island.

I didn't get to taste it the first time I was there, but that became my staple-airport-food in my next visits.. It is a fast food restaurant, basically operates like KFC, serving fried chicken with various sets. It probably doesn't match KFC's fried chicken standard, but it is more than decent to be consumed.

So guys, if you are famished while you are at Hong Kong International Airport, and you can't wait to board your flight for a flight food to fill your tummy, don't worry.. Popeye's is there. Just look for it!

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