Thursday, November 21, 2013

Souvenir @ Te Anau

I just thought about this souvenir shop, just as a guide for those who go to New Zealand. Many talk about DF Souvenir in Queenstown / Christchurch as a place to get cheap souvenirs, but I want to add to the list. I found this shop by chance while walking around Te Anau city centre. I don't have much pictures of this shop though, as I mentioned earlier, our belonging were stolen at Arista at Rotorua a day before we came back to Malaysia, that includes most of our pictures. So I have to rely on the pictures taken using my handphone. 

J&C Boutique. What is interesting about this shop is, it is owned by a Malaysian couple from Sabah. What is more interesting is that we paid the price using Ringgit Malaysia, they accepted it at a negotiable cincai rate, as they are going back to Malaysia every year so they don't mind keeping some Ringgit with them all the time. 

Price wise, it is about the same with DF Souvenir, with similar range of choices. The owner is also ever ready to give some discount to Malaysians - a bonus !

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