Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Going Pakistani @ Restoran Menara USJ 9

We were going round and round searching for food the other night, when we finally bumped into a Pakistani restaurant at USJ 9 business centre, right at the corner of Jln USJ 9/5P which is very near to Masjid Al-Falah. I am not a fan of indian food, but I do sometimes enjoy some of their food for as long as it doesn't have too strong curry smell in it. 

The name of the restaurant though, doesn't suggest that it is a Pakistani restaurant. Restoran Menara, how about that? Sound Malay enough huh? The ambiance of the restaurant is OK, but Mr D complaint about the smell, which I thought is quite normal in an Indian restaurant. 

Looking at the menu, they have quite a variety of things from kebab to tandoori to beryani.. but we were not into rice then and thought of having some nan - so garlic nan it was. But we decided to take only 1 nan to be shared between the two of us, turn out to be a wise choice since the nan is quite huge to be eaten by one.

We settled for some grilled fish, chicken and mix vegetable - I love the mix vegetable this time. I normally do not like the vege served at indian restaurants because they are normally overcooked, but the mix vegetable served at this restaurant was cooked just nice. Not too raw but not overcooked either. It was served hot, sizzling hot really. The waiter suggested we take a type of savory chicken which I can't remember what is it called. Mr D enjoyed that very much. 

 Pricing wise, it is in middle range. Many of the menu I've chosen above ranges from RM15-RM25 per plate. Not bad, considering the portion and taste.

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