Friday, September 16, 2011

New Zealand Day 4 Part 1 : Leisuring Around Hamilton

Day 4 9th September 2011

Mr D still had fever that morning, so I decided to let him rest for a while instead of going out early. Meanwhile I prepared breakfast, a slice of bread eaten with raw sliced tomato, smoked salmon, golden kiwi and mushroom soup. Kind of heavy for a breakfast eh? Hahaha.. we love our food.

We've decided that today we got to miss the Waitomo Caves, which is located about an hour drive from Hamilton. We didn't want to be too late to drive to Rotorua. There are 3 caves that we initially wanted to visit, that is the Glowworm Cave, Aranui Cave and Ruakuri Cave. Lucky we haven't book anything yet. So sad.. because I really wanted to experience these limestone caves, to see the glowing bugs as well as to see the geological formation in the caves. But it is OK.. time is not permitting, and there will always be next time. So we spent that morning in Hamilton instead. Nothing much actually, just went around Hamilton Lake Domain as well as Hamilton Garden.

Hamilton Gardens however is quite big to be explored. Mr D told me that it used to be a small garden where he used to take his little foster sister to play, but now extended to something he cannot recognise anymore. Admission to the garden is free, but it was still early spring so perhaps it doesn't look as beautiful as it should be, perhaps. The English garden looks so run down, maybe because the roses are still not blooming.

Before heading off to Rotorua, I decided to go and do some meat shopping as we ran out of food supply. There's a halal butcher located at Clarkin Road, so that's where our next destination was. The name of the place is NZ Prime Halal Meat, some of the meat there are frozen, but we can ask for fresh one. I bought some beef and a kg of chicken drumstick for our next few days supply.

We planned to have our lunch before going off to Rotorua, so we headed to Salma's Rasoi, a halal restaurant located at Hamilton Central. There's another halal butcher just opposite Salma's Rasoi, called Firdaus Halal Meat, which sells not only halal meat, but also packed items from Malaysia like Brahim's and Life Chilli Sauce. But we have enough of those items already, so we didn't buy anything. Judging from the meat display, I think Firdaus Halal Meat has a fresher selection compared to NZ Prime Halal Meat.

Salma's Rasoi was still closed by the time we get there, so we decided to have lunch at Nando's which is located at The Base at Hamilton North. See, going North and South and Central to and fro.. we really didn't plan our journey properly hahaha. A quarter chicken meal at Nando's costs NZD14.90 with only one side dish selection.

With our supply refilled, with our tummy full, we are now set to proceed to our next destination, the exciting, full of something to learn about, Rotorua!

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