Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Zealand Day 2 Part 2 : Off to Hamilton

Continuation from the drama in Auckland on 7th September 2011.

It was already 4p.m by the time we left Auckland. I lost my mood already by that time, but we accepted the fate anyway. It was a test from Allah, and we were so grateful that we have taken steps to cover ourselves by buying takaful policies to protect ourselves and our belongings for the entire trip. So in the entire 2 hour journey between Auckland to Hamilton, I didn't take any picture except for the lousy one below.

The scenery was quite nice by the way, so the journey was not a boring one. There's always something to look at.. from green field to flowers to sheep to cows.. it was a nice journey.

It was already quite dark when we reached Hamilton. Hamilton was one of the most important reasons why we are in New Zealand. Mr D did both his bachelor and master in Mathematics in Waikato University, so Hamilton was very close to his heart.

It wasn't difficult to find our motel, Atrium on Ulster, which is located at Ulster Street in North Hamilton. I chose that motel from the good reviews in TripAdvisor, it was rated #1 for accommodation around Hamilton. Turn out the whole Ulster Street is full of motels, that probably explains the level of excellence in their service, because competition is great.

When we reached the reception, and checked-in, I asked where can we get things because we practically down to nothing except for our money. Upon hearing me asking that, he straight away asked whether one of us is Mr D [the booking was done under my name, but the police report was under Mr D's name]. We were told that Auckland police have already alerted the motel to inform Mr D that our bags have been found. WHAT??? I couldn't believe what I heard!

We were told that the policeman, who identified himself as Stephen, left a mobile number to be contacted so they called him for us. Turned out the number copied was wrong. We gave them the contact number given by Auckland police when we made our report, turned out nobody in there knows about the discovery of the bags, and can't figure out who Stephen is. My heart pounding.. dag.. dig... dug.. was our bags found, or was it a false alarm? Was it the man who stole our bags himself who called Atrium, but where did he knows we are going to check in in Atrium on Ulster? Only police knows. I keep my hope open, please ya Allah.. please let it be real.

Another reason why we thought it was a false alarm was because the report number given by this Stephen to Atrium was also different, it doesn't match our report number. After about half an hour being kicked from one person to another within Auckland police, we finally found out that the 'Stephen' is Constable Stephen Scott of Auckland Central police, and he already gone off for the day. We were told then that there are bags found, but the details we would need to wait for Constable Stephen Scott to start his day the next day.

OK.. OK.. at the very least we can still put on our hopes. At that point we have nothing to wear except what we have put on, and it was too late to go shopping by then. We went to Pak N Save, but can only get basic things like toothpaste and toothbrush, and something to eat for breakfast the next morning. I was already too tired to cook, plus our day was wasted to go here and there settling things, so we've decided to just have our dinner outside.

The dinner was yummy alhamdulillah, so now we can go back to our motel after a looooonnggg tiring day. The next problem was we don't have anything to sleep in. We already make do of what we have to perform our prayer (though am not very comfortable because my jeans was quite dirty), and now we need to go naked while sleeping because I need to wash everything just so we can use it tomorrow morning while we go and buy the new ones hahaha..

Tomorrow : Will we get our bags back? Will we waste more of our time?

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